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Unlocking the power of collaboration

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Unlocking the power of collaboration

Pallavi Gupta is the Managing Director of Fifth Estate. She is a graduate from London School of Economics where she majored in open innovation techniques and technology for development in emerging economies. Pallavi, through Fifth Estate is unlocking the power that is embedded in the potential collaboration of the government, private companies and social entrepreneurs, who have so far worked in isolation.

During her Masters dissertation she interviewed close to 100 people from the three sectors- social enterprise, government and private companies, on the role they play in social development and the challenges they face. Through that research she realized that the real bottleneck for social development is embedded in the lack of communication and collaboration between these three key players.

Pallavi started working closely with District Magistrates (DM) in the State of Uttar Pradesh, asking them what were the most difficult development challenges they were facing in their districts. Pallavi reaches out to a large number of social entrepreneurs through existing social enterprise networks and invites applications from social enterprises with proven solutions. Pallavi's team at FifthEstate screens the applications, does due diligence on them, and then provides their full profile for a pool of experts consisting both national and international development sector professional, academics, journalists, social activists and government representatives to vote and provide recommendations on each solution.

Pallavi also launched a ceremonial gathering called Manch ("stage"), where she brings these three stakeholder groups together. Principal Secretaries (State Government) and District Magistrates (local governments) share the key developmental challenges in their constituencies and the selected social entrepreneurs share their models as potential solutions.

By the year 2020, Pallavi is also aiming to institutionalize the collaborative support for social innovations by introducing a module on cross-sectorial partnership for social enterprises in the training of Indian Administrative Service (IAS) and Public Commissioned Service (PCS) officers, who go on to be appointed as local government leaders. Pallavi has also been appointed a Member of the State Innovation Council, UP due to her impressive work with social innovations.

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