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Tarun Tejpal

Tarun J Tejpal is a journalist, publisher, and novelist. In a 26-year career, he has been an editor with the India Today and the Indian Express groups, and the managing editor of Outlook, India's premier newsmagazine. In March 2000, he started Tehelka, a news organisation that has earned a global reputation for its aggressive public interest journalism. Tehelka has done a string of hard hitting stories covering investigations of the Jessica Lal murder case, the Godhra Riots, the Naxal movement in India and many more high-profile cases.

In 2001, Asiaweek listed Mr. Tejpal as one of Asia's 50 most powerful communicators, and BusinessWeek declared him among 50 leaders at the forefront of change in Asia. In 2007 The Guardian named him among the 20 who constitute India's new elite.  In 2009 BusinessWeek has named Tarun as one of India's 50 most powerful people.

Somnath Chatterjee

A man of impeccable personal integrity, Somnath Chatterjee was a member of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) from 1968 to 2008. In 2004 he became the speaker of the 14th Lok Sabha. He changed the style in which the Lok Sabha works by making sure that more questions were getting answered during the Question Hour as Chatterjee reduced the supplementaries and made ministers give pointed replies.

When his party withdrew its support for the government, he did not follow the party line to vote against the government in the confidence vote. He stayed on as Speaker of the House, acting in this capacity, thus showing exemplary integrity and honoring the position of the Speaker.

Ankit Fadia

An independent Computer Security and Digital Intelligence Consultant and with a definitive experience in the field of computers. He has authored several best-selling books on Computer Security, which have been appreciated by both professionals and industry leaders, the world over. His books have sold a record 80,000 copies across the globe.

Vivek Gilani

A non-cynical, objectively-critical, un-attached to any political outfit, umblical Environmental Engineer and citizens' rights intervener. Inextricably immersed in the truth about individual accountability for our physical and political environment, Vivek founded the 'Informed Voter Project' currently on the web at www.MumbaiVotes.com.

Ajay Chaturvedi

An engineer from BITS Pilani and a Graduate in Management of Technology from the Wharton School, Ajay started HarVa, with a vision to assist rural India to access and harness the opportunities that urban India offers. A social entrepreneur with the ability to visualise and articulate new approach to problems, his passion is to make a positive difference in rural India that faces significant social, economic and ecological challenges.

M N Vijayakumar

Forty death threats. Three attempts on his life. Seven transfers in the span of 10 months. Unearthing a Rs.300 crore scam. Yet the story of MN Vijayakumar, son of a Central Food Technology Research Institute accountant and an IAS officer serving in Karnataka since 1985, is not in the numbers, but rather in a rare commitment to the spirit of service. He is also only one of three IAS officers, of the 200 or so working in Karnataka, who has filed his assets and liabilities.