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mjunction has a specific process in place, to help find people with ideas and experiences that can make a difference to the way we work and live. Associates and supporters also identify share information about people with innovative ideas for efficiency and transparency.

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If you have come across a person or organisation making significant difference in ensuring an efficient and transparent way of life, tell us about them!
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activities and ideas.

Spreading the word about great ideas is the best way to fuel the movement. By sharing stories and showing appreciation through social networking sites, MET motivates and recognises people, their ideas and actions.

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ideas and experiences.

Through blogs and events that bring people together, MET enable a forum for healthy exchange and conversation about innovative ideas for a smarter future.

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and give them support.

The power of the written word is a great way to amplify and spread news about the movement. Through our various publications, we seek to spread the message of transparency and efficiency for a better tomorrow.

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